What is Mr. Flynn IB?

Mr. Flynn IB is a website specifically designed to help IB students succeed in mathematics. You can choose from each of the four IB mathematics courses. Each course contains videos on everything you need to do well in your exams and in your internal assessment. Videos are divided into three main sections:

·     Lessons by topic

·     IA guidance

·     Past paper solutions

Why is Mr. Flynn IB for me?

If you study mathematics in the IB, then Mr. Flynn IB is a resource that you definitely need. If there is a topic that you struggle with, watch the video on that topic. It will explain key concepts and go through examples. If you can’t do a past paper question, watch Mr. Flynn’s video solution. If you are struggling with your IA, you are in the right place. Mr. Flynn is an IA specialist and moderator for the IB and has lots of videos to help you achieve a high grade. 

Who is Mr. Flynn?

Mr. Flynn is an experienced IB mathematics teacher, IB examiner and IA moderator. He is currently head of mathematics at a leading IB school in Dubai. He is from Ireland and sport is a close second to mathematics in his list of favourite things. He lives with Mrs. Flynn and his 3 kids who make recording videos hugely challenging.